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一、 英国文学
Kingsley Amis : Lucky Jim
Jane Austen : Pride And Prejudice
Arnold Bennett : The Old Wives’tale
Elizabeth Bowen : The Death Of The Heart
Charlotte Bronte : Jane Eyre
Emily Bronte : Wuthering Heights
Anthony Burgess : A Clockwork Orange
Samuel Butler : The Way Of All Flesh
A.S.Byatt : Possession
Lewis Carroll : Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland
Angela Carter : The Company Of Wolves
Agatha Christie : Murder On The Orient Express
Ivy Compton-burnett : A Family And A Fortune
Joseph Conrad : Heart Of Darkness, Lord Jim
Daniel Defoe : Robinson Crusoe
Charles Dickens : David Copperfield
Sir Arthur C. Doyle : Adventure Of Sherlock Holmes
Margaret Drabble : The Waterfall
Daphne Du Maurier : Rebecca
George Eliot : Middlemarch
E.M.Forster : Howards End, A Passage To India
John Fowles : The French Lieutenant’s Woman
John Galsworthy : The Man Of Property
William Golding : Lord Of The Flies
Graham Greene : The Human Factor
Thomas Hardy : Tess Of The D’urbervilles, Jude The Obscure
Aldous Huxley : After Many A Summer
Henry James : Daisy Miller
James Joyce : A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man
Rudyard Kipling : Kim
Charles Lamb : Tales From Shakespeare
D.H.Lawrence : Sons And Lovers
John Le Carre : The Spy Who Came In From The Cold
Doris Lessing : The Grass Is Singing
David Lodge : Nice Work
W.Somerset Maugham : The Moon And Sixpence, Of Human Bondage
Iris Murdoch : The Black Prince
George Orwell : Nineteen Eighty-four 1984
Salman Rushdie : Midnight Children
Sir Walter Scott : Ivanhoe
C.P.Snow : The Affair
Muriel Spark : The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie
Robert Louis Stevenson : Treasure Island
Johathan Swift : Gulliver’s Travels
William M.Thackeray : Vanity Fair
Evelyn Waugh : A Handful Of Dust
H.G.Wells : The Invisible Man
Oscar Wilde : The Picture Of Dorian Gray
Virginia Woolf : Mrs Dalloway, To The Lighthouse
二、 美国文学
Sherwood Anderson : Winesburg, Ohio
James Baldwin : Go Tell It On The Mountain
Saul Bellow : Seize The Day, Henderson The Rain King
Willam S.Burroughs : The Naked Lunch
Willa Cather : My Antonia
Kate Chopin : The Awakening
Stephen Crane : The Red Badge Of Courage
Theodore Dreiser : Sister Carrie, An American Tragedy
Ralph Ellison : Invisible Man
William Faulkner : Go Down, Moses, The Sound And The Fury
F.Scott Fitzgerald : The Great Gatsby
Alex Haley : Roots
Nathaniel Hawthorne : The Scarlet Letter
Josph Heller : Catch-22
Ernest Hedmingway : The Sun Also Rises, Thed Old Man And The Sea
James Jones : From Here To Eternity
Maxine Hong Kingston : The Woman Warrior
Harper Lee : To Kill A Mockingbird
Sinchlair Lewis : Main Street
Jack London : The Call Of The Wild, Martin Eden
Norman Mailer : The Naked And The Dead
Carson Mccullers : The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
James A. Michener : Centennial
Margaret Mitchell : Gone With The Wind
Toni Morrison : The Bluest Eye
Vladimir Nabokov : Lolita
Frank Norris : The Octopus
J.D.Salinger : The Catcher In The Rye
Erich Segal : Man, Woman And Child
Upton Sinclair : The Jungle
John Steinbeck : The Grapes Of Wrath
Harriet Beecher Stowe : Uncle Tom’s Cabin
William Styron : Sophie’s Choice
Mark Twain : The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn
Alice Walker : The Color Purple
Robert Penn Warren : All The King’s Men
Edith Wharton : The Age Of Innocence
Thornton Wilder : The Bridge Of San Luis Rey
Thomas Wolfe : Look Homeward, Angel
Herman Wouk : The Winds Of War
Richard Wright : Native Son
Morley Callaghan : That Summer In Paris
Northrop Frye : The Great Code
Margaret Laurence : The Stone Angel
Stephen Leacock : Sunshine Sketches Of A Little Town
Malcolm Lowry : Under The Volcano
Hugh Maclennan : The Watch That Ends The Night
L.M.Montgomery : Anne Of Green Gables
四、 澳大利亚文学
Martin Boyd : Lucinda Brayford
Peter Carey : Oscar And Lucinda
Miles Franklin : My Brilliant Career
Thomas Keneally : Shindler’s Ark
Alex Miller : The Ancestor Game
Henry Handel Richardson : The Fortunes Of Richard Mahony
Christina Stead : The Man Who Loved Children
Randolph Stow : To The Islands
Patrick White : Voss, The Tree Of Man
五、 中国文化
Yung Ming : My Life In China And America
Chiang Monlin : Tides From The West
Tcheng Ki Tong : The Chinese Painted By Themselves
Ku Hung Ming : The Spirit Of The Chinese People
Fei Hsiao Tung : Peasant Life In China
Lin Yu Tang : My Country And My People
A Retrospective Of Chinese Literature: Classical Poetry
A Retrospective Of Chinese Literature: Classical Prose
A Retrospective Of Chinese Literature: Classical Fiction
A Retrospective Of Chinese Literature: Modern Poetry
A Retrospective Of Chinese Literature: Modern Prose
A Retrospective Of Chinese Literature: Modorn Fiction

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